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About Us

Who we are:

The Church

Swansea Evangelical Reformed Fellowship was founded in 2013, and constituted as Swansea Evangelical Reformed Church in January 2014. The minister is Rev. Neil Pfeiffer.


The fellowship is confessionally reformed, adhering to the doctrines of grace as set forth in the major reformed confessions. Both Paedo Baptists and Baptists are allowed membership.


As a fellowship we use the Authorized Version of the scriptures in all services and meetings. We believe that it is the most faithful and accurate version of the Word of God in English. We believe that God has preserved His Word down through the centuries and that this is realized in the Textus Receptus Greek text underlying the New Testament and the Masoretic Hebrew text the Old Testament.


Striving to be biblical in our approach to almighty God our worship is simple and reverential. We repudiate all concessions to "new style worship" originally introduced by the Charismatic Movement. The minister normally ministers to the "Flock" in the morning service and aims to preach the Gospel to unbelievers at the evening service.


We feel our responsibility to spread the Gospel in the locality. We seek to do so by prayer, visitation and literature distribution.